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Beano Alphabet Limited Edition Screenprint

Beano Alphabet Limited Edition Screenprint

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The alphabet according to The Beano. All these letters have been pillaged from DC Thomson’s archives of their iconic comic The Beano. The A has come from the title piece of the very first issue back in the 1930s, the L is from Lord Snooty, the M from Minnie the Minx and so on.

Hand printed in the UK, this screenprint of the iconic Beano alphabet is limited-edition signed & numbered out of 200 by John Patrick Reynolds.

The lettering which appeared in The Beano was brilliantly conceived and drawn. Many of the letters – for instance, the O of The Beano’s title or the chequered letters in the Roger The Dodger title – are surely instantly recognisable to most of the population, but all of the letters’ shapes are beautifully drawn.

Incidentally, the word beano is apparently short for "bean-feast" and means a feast, a celebration and a good time. 

This print has been officially approved by DC Thomson. 

© D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.

  • Size:  48cm x 38cm
  • Format: Landscape