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Are you ready for a Marmalade Christmas?

With just eleven sleeps left until the big day and only five days left until our last day of shipping we recommend you placing you order as soon as possible, however if you miss out on Christmas with us, we are still a great destination for design led thoughtful gifts all year round.

Let's start with all things Marmalade, something Dundee is famous for. Marmalade is written into our DNA here in at V&A Dundee.

V&A Dundee Marmalade

Firstly lets start with our actual marmalade, specially made for us here in Dundee by the world famous marmalade makers - Mackays and in a own designed packaging, that references our iconic Kengo Kuma building. You can find our marmalade here. 

And if you want a companion book, we have the perfect partner for you all about Marmalade, find it here.

We love Marmalade so much, we even named our funny friendly highland cow after it! Designed by Donna Wilson especially for us, meet Marmalade the highland cow. The cutest wee cow you will ever meet.

Marmalade is a mooseum scholar and an expert in his field. He like oat milk cappuccinos and dislike's deforestation. He is also very obviously our favourite shade of orange.

We even went as far as sourcing the prefect orange tinted wool blanket. This design is called Brodie and is a subtle mix of gorgeous pinks, oranges, reds & green. Find it here. We love Stag & Bruce, they have such a great ethos and story, they seriously couldn't be a better partner for us. 

Their blankets are produced in small batches using surplus yarn, this means high quality excess yarn sourced within the UK textile industry, which might have otherwise been discarded.  All of their products are manufactured traditionally in the UK, supporting local industry and talented craftspeople. This process enables them to minimalise their impact on the environment, while producing small quantities of high quality limited edition pieces.  

Our love of all things orange and marmalade doesn't stop here, it also includes some rather tasty chocolate.

Starting with this startingly orange tasty tartan wrapped chocolate bar, which you can find here.

Irun bru chocolate

 Alongside that tasty treat we also have the delicious Dundee cake chocolate bar, which, yes you guessed it, also contains orange (along with almond and raisin). Ssh, the secret is that this is our best selling chocolate flavour...

Dundee Cake Chocolate Bar

Ending this ode to all things marmalade and orange with the cutest pin badge in existence. Marmalade the highland cow is also available as a pin badge here.

Marmalade Pin Badge

Yep, now you know we are totally devoted to all things orange and all things marmalade here!

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