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The shot behind the shot, part 2 - Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year and thank goodness as that is enough, much as we love it. 

For us retailers, planning for the festive season means we are meant to have it all sorted by July, which is something I have maybe never quite achieved. The best laid plans of mice, women and retailers, do not always work out. 

So here we are in the last week of November, creating Christmas imagery (I am sure others do this way earlier in the season). As before, with the previous shot behind the shot, I knew what I wanted to capture, I had it in my minds eye, I just needed the right ribbon..... 

Initially I debated with myself about even using ribbon, as we are not really a 'ribbony' brand, meaning we don't sell it, we don't gift wrap with it, we just are not very ribbony. 

Once I got over that mental hurdle, I thought about what type of ribbon we are and came to the quick conclusion that it had to be grosgrain ribbon, it could not be satin ribbon, we are not a satin ribbon kind of brand, if we are an any ribbon kind of brand, it is grosgrain. 

I then ordered pink, green and also some grey ribbon, as colour was the next concern. The bright green ribbon was an immediate love, however I got the width wrong, I only ordered 10mm wide ribbon, silly me. At that width, it just would not quite do what I wanted it to, which was to curl like calligraphy, in beautiful smooth curves, all the while, looking three dimensional. 10mm wide ribbon would not and did not do this. Note to all future ribbon calligraphers, it is 15mm wide that does the trick.

So, four different ribbons later and here we are. Swirling away, with some 15mm wide bright green grosgrain ribbon. We laid out the shape, lit and photographed it without any jewellery at this point and said, yes! That works. 

Fat fingered me had to use tweezers to place the the teeny weenie delicate wee earrings and then of course anytime I had one pair perfectly positioned, any slight movement knocked another pair of earrings off balance. It was an act of pure patience to get it as perfectly positioned as possible. 

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