Meet the maker: Kerrie Aldo


Having been a long-time fan of the independent slow fashion brand, KerrieALDO, I’ve really enjoyed seeing this project from the very start and learning more about Kerrie’s creative process and inspirations for her designs.

I wanted to know what led Kerrie to clothing design; initially drawn to fine art, she got a taste for textiles while building a portfolio in college, and her passion and knowledge grew from there as she went on to study fashion and textiles at Dundee College.

My favourite things about the brand (besides being awfy stylish) is its virtually non-existent carbon footprint! From designing to manufacturing, I love the local lens with which Kerrie practices her craft, utilizing the brilliant Dundonian textiles institution, Halley Stevensons and housing her brand at a redeveloped jute mill; Workshop & Artist Studio Provision Scotland (WASPS), alongside a network of talented local designers and artists. 

Back in May, I visited Kerrie in her studio to discuss the third edition of the Dundee Raincoat and hear her ideas. After much deliberation over fabric samples we landed on the striking red waxed cotton, combined with Iona Tartan for the contrast hood and cuff detailing of the coats.

Harking back to the drawing board for the much-loved first edition of the Dundee raincoat, Kerrie’s latest design has taken inspiration from the traditional fisherman slicker silhouette, incorporating the origins of waxed cotton rooted in the shipping industry.


I think Kerrie brilliantly combines considered design with classic and contemporary style in this way by introducing a stylish modern twist informed by the architecture of the museum, each limited edition is bold, but minimal.


Find the raincoat here









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