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Welcome 2023!

We hadn't produced a calendar before now, however as we head into 2023, our 5th year and the year of our mega blockbuster Tartan exhibition, we thought it was about time. 

From the start we had only one designer in mind and that was Gabriella Marcella of Risotto Studios fame. Gabriella has previous and current form designing calendars, plus we love everything she does. Back in 2019, Gabriella & V&A Dundee collaborated on Rules of Play, a playful and fun interactive installation. You find see a little about it here >

We asked Gabriella to design us a bespoke print inspired by tartan as a cover for our calendar. Asking her to explode grid and explore new ways to consider tartan and being Gabriella, she surpassed our brief and offered us five designs to chose from, leaving is spoilt for choice. 


It was a tough design decision as we loved them all. Here are just a couple of the alternative designs that we didn't choose. 

The cover has a perforated top edge so that you can keep and frame it should you wish to, it is after all an exclusively designed print by Risotto for the price of a clever calendar.

We also added some key dates highlighted in the calendar, dates that called out some Dundee design milestones - like Dundee Design month in May and our fifth birthday in September. 

You can purchase this playful and punchy piece of design here >

We hope your 2023 is as colourful and fun as this calendar and that it also finds you surrounded with peace, love and hope.

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