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  • The shot behind the shot!

    This post takes you behind the scenes to all that is involved in creating an image, one that you can see it in your minds eye, but you aren't quite sure how or even if you can make it happen.


  • How Sincerely Valentines met Sunny Dundee

    Inspired by our current exhibition Sincerely, Valentines – From Postcards to Greetings Cards we commissioned the amazing Dundee born & bred graphic designer Martin Baillie to design a range of items celebrating just how much we love Sunny Dundee.
  • Daytrippers! 2022

    Daytrippers! is a collaboration between the museum and Local Heroesa curatorial studio that supports designers by commissioning collectable, limited edition souvenirs. ⁠

    These special commissions will help to make your next day colourful, fun and more sustainable.

    Souvenirs and gifts to last a lifetime